About Us

About Us

In Party Planet, we are creators of shows and assembly of events, and we know that a party, a celebration is unique and unrepeatable.

I am Raquel Esteban , its director, and for 15 years i have passed that concept to the great professionals that support me, and to our customers.

I learned it, step by step, for ten years, working in top hotel companies, in many wonderful sites , until I got to the best one ... Ibiza!

Party Planet has evolved hand in hand with the island , as if she was showing us the way.
From the variety shows for tourism , to the large assemblies for municipalities, the more avant-garde and acrobatic creations for clubs and businesses, to these years of the success of “dream weddings” .

Located in Ibiza and with a branch in Cadiz, internationally trained, with southern roots and a philosophy as cosmopolitan as the island, our artistic passion adds to the business and organizational effort which means that the assembly of an event is perfect.
 We enjoy making your day magical and unforgettable .

Come and see ... your dreams are our reality.